Fred Luebke portrait

Fred Luebke

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For more than 25 years, Fred has been dedicated to the proposition of delivering leading client solutions. He has brought this relentless focus to bear in the print, apparel and brand management space, earning exceptional trust and loyalty across the client spectrum. In fact, Fred has been described by clients as a leader of integrity with a work ethic and commitment like no other. He also recognizes technological innovation drives the way business gets done and realizes the need for flexible, responsive solutions. In other words, he gets it! And that’s why his focus is to build an exemplary management team, deploy best-in-class technology solutions and provide clients with the data-driven and excellent service they expect from Sidebar.

A finance graduate of Arizona State University, Fred began his career as an accountant and was recruited soon afterward by a Fortune 500 print management company. After his seven-year tenure there, Fred became an entrepreneur and founded Sidebar in 2001. Today, Sidebar is the largest independent print and brand-management company in Arizona, serving clients both locally and nationwide.

When not delivering leading client solutions, Fred is devoted to spending time with his wife Davida and their three children… and rumor has it that he has been sighted on the golf course a time or two!